CURRICULUM VITAE:  July 17, 2016


Curtis J. Bonk

3432 Ashwood Drive

Bloomington, IN 47401


Mobile: (812) 322-curt (2878)



Twitter/Skype: TravelinEdMan


YouTube Channel:

Personal Homepages:; and




Ph.D., 1989, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Major: Educational Psychology; Concentrations: Human Learning; Human Development.

Minor: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology.

M.S., 1987, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Major: Educational Psychology.

   1984/85, UW-Waukesha and Univ. of WI-Madison Extension, coursework in Psychology.

B.A., 1981, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Major: Accounting. (3.83 G.P.A. Magna Cum Laude)



            1996            Certification in Distance Education, Indiana University, Continuing Studies Dept.

            1983            Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License granted December 16, 1983.


Professional Experience

2005-present   Professor, Dept. of Instructional Systems Technology (IST), Indiana University.

       Adjunct Faculty Member: IU School of Informatics, 2002-present.

       Associate Faculty Member: IU Cognitive Science Program, 1992-present.

1999-present  President and Founder, CourseShare, LLC, Bloomington, Indiana.

2003-2010      President and Founder, SurveyShare, Inc., Bloomington, Indiana.

2003-2005      Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University.

       Adjunct Member, Instructional Systems Technology Department, 1999-2005.

       Core Member: Center for Research on Learning & Tech (CRLT) 1998-2005.

1997-2003      Associate Professor (tenured in 1997), Dept. of Counseling and Educ. Psych, Indiana Univ.

1992-1997      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University.

1989-1992      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology, West Virginia University.

1987-1988      Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Cur. & Inst, Mainstreaming course, UW-Madison.

1986-1987      Project Assistant, Gifted & Talented Outreach & Madison Extension, UW-Madison.

1984-1986      Assistant Controller, Automated Systems, Inc., Brookfield, WI.

1983-1984      Controller, R & J Medical Supply, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.

1981-1983      Auditor and Tax Accountant, Vrakas Blum, Waukesha, WI.

1978-1980      Production Control Coordinator, Square D Co. & McQuay Perfex, Milwaukee, WI.


Web Software Development and Project Supervision Experience

     1999-2015 Web Developer/Supervisor: Various E-Learning Portals and Tools, CourseShare, LLC. (President and Founder),,

sites developed for sharing articles, presentations, technology tools, various learning portals for the field of instructional and educational technology (e.g., jobs, jobs, graduate program portals), etc. (dozens of staff personally funded and supervised)

Consulting Services: Online and blended learning training and implementation, technology-related research and evaluation, technical report generation, advice on strategic planning, future trend analysis, etc.

Client Base: All educational sectors, including: K-12, higher education, corporate and military, non-profit, government, etc.

Responsibilities: Hired and supervised various individuals involved online learning research and evaluation for various clients.

Other Responsibilities: Hired, supervised, managed those engaged in graphic design, Website development, promotion, etc., of CourseShare, LLC, TrainingShare, and PublicationShare.

Management and Financials/Accounting Duties: Budget estimates and projections, coordinated annual meetings, dealt with vendors and client contracts, etc.


     1998-2015 Web Developer/Supervisor, Grant from Continuing Studies Department, Indiana University

The Bobweb: (Web site for course taught via videoconferencing. Components: creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, motivation)


     2003-2010 President & Founder, Web Developer/Supervisor: SurveyShare, Inc. (company sold June 2010)

Product: A popular, low-priced Web-based survey tool.

SurveyShare Clients: Over 15,000 survey memberships per year; millions of survey takers per year from all economic or educational sectors.

Funding: Personally funded all start-up costs associated with SurveyShare including tool development, marketing, management, etc., until product became viable.

Responsibilities: Hired, supervised, and managed dozens of employees involved in the development, management, accounting, implementation, marketing, etc. of SurveyShare.

Tool Development: Usability testing, design team coordination, planning, etc., oversaw all tool and feature changes and additions.

Marketing and Promotion: Conference exhibits, product demonstrations, brochures and fliers, email notices, set pricing options, etc.

Management: Negotiated building space and rent, made all technology decisions, etc.

Financials and Accounting: Budget estimates and projections, coordinated annual meetings with Chief Financial Officer, vendor relations, negotiated enterprise client contracts and accounts receivable, etc.


     1999-2007 Web Developer/Supervisor: Various E-Learning Portals and Tools (free),,,,,, etc.

Audience: Sites developed for sharing resources among college instructors, students, corporate trainers, freelance instructors.

Funding: All the above sites were personally funded.

Hired, Supervised, and Managed: Over 40 programmers and network specialists, trainers, instructional designers, graphic designers, researchers, distance learning specialists (Note: most were graduate students at Indiana University).


     1998-2003 Project Co-Director and Web Site Developer, TICKIT Project, Grant: Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

TICKIT: (Teacher Institute for Curriculum Knowledge about the Integration of Technology; a project for rural Indiana teacher technology integration).


     1997-2001 Web Developer/Supervisor, Indiana University, Instructional Consulting

The Smartweb: (complete undergraduate educational psychology course on the Web: activities, Web links, electronic portfolios, profiles, archives, discussions, peer interaction components, etc.)


     1996-2000 Coordinator of Online Mentoring/Conferencing Program, Grant from School of Ed, Indiana Univ

COW (Conferencing on the Web)/TITLE (The Intraplanetary Teacher Learning Exchange): (Web site for electronic conferencing of preservice teachers from Indiana University, Korea Finland, Univ of South Carolina, Texas A&M University—discussing problems seen in schools and getting online mentoring)


1999-2000 Web Developer/Supervisor, Contract with Bell & Howell Learning and Information Company

Coursepack: Note: this was the first online reader in Educational Psychology Reader


1998-1999   Web Developer/Supervisor, Contract with Houghton Mifflin Company                 

INSITE Web site to support textbook, Psychology Applied to Teaching (9th Ed.).

 (Note: this is the most comprehensive and interactive Web site for Educational Psychology)

Supervised: 13 content specialists, programmers, and instructional designers.

Responsibilities: Helped conceptualize the project, created and selected content, coordinated work flow, Web design, interactivity features, handled contracts, reviewed and edited all work.        

     1998-1999 Web Developer/Supervisor, Grant from Center for Global Change, Indiana University

The Caseweb: http: //www.indiana/edu/~caseweb (set of cases for educ psychology)


Courses Taught

1.                 P251/254/255 Undergraduate Educational Psychology

2.                 P540 Learning and Cognition in Education

3.                 P640 Thinking and Learning in Social Contexts

4.                 R511 Instructional/Educational Technology Foundations

5.                 R546 Instructional Strategies for Thinking, Collab, & Motivation

6.                 R678 Emerging Learning Technology

7.                 R685 (Seminar with various titles) including: The World is Open with Web Technology, E-Learning Pedagogy and Evaluation; and Interactive Technology for Learning and Collaboration


Distance Education and Online Learning Course Experiences

1. Web Course (4 times): P251/254/255 undergraduate Ed Psych, 1997-2000.

2. Web Course (5 times): M101/M201 Lab component of Ed Psych, 1997-2000.

3. Web Course (5 times): P540 Learning and Cognition in Education, 2004-2009.

4. Web Course (2 times): R511: Instructional Technology Foundations, 2015-2016.

5. Web Course (1 time): R546: Instructional Strategies for Thinking, Collab, & Motivation, 2009.

6. Web Course (5 times): R678: Emerging Learning Technologies, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

7. Web Course (3 times): R685: The World is Open with Web Technology, 2010, 2011, 2012.

8. Videoconferencing Course (1 time); IUB & IUPUI, P540 Learning and Cognition in Ed, 2004.

9. Videoconferencing Course (2 times); IUB & IUPUI, P640 Thinking & Lrng in Social Contexts, 2005, 2006.

10. Videoconferencing Course (14 times); P506/R546 Alternative Instructional Strategies, 1996-2014. (including: IU-NW, IUPUI, IU-SE, IU-B, Lebanon Schools, Turkey Run School District)

11. Videoconferencing Course (1995): P600/R685 Interactive Tech for Lrng & Collab, IUPUI & IUB.

12. Videoconf Course (2005 & 2006): P600/R685 E-Learning Pedagogy & Eval, IUPUI & IUB.

13. Helped Design TV-Based Telecourse (with Drs. Robert and Donna Rae Clasen)(1987-88): Teachers Tackle Thinking: Critical Thinking in the Classroom, UW-Madison Outreach and Extension.

14. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Blackboard/CourseSites, Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success, April-June 2012 (includes 5 synchronous sessions in May 2012), nearly 4,000 people enrolled.


Live Outreach Course Accomplishments

1. Taught in rural Indiana Schools (5 times) P506 Applying Tech to Teaching & Learning, Spring of 1998-2003.

2. Taught in Center Grove School District, Greenwood, Indiana (3 times), P506 Alt. Instructional Strats: Crit, Creat, Coop, Motiv., 1995-97.

3. Taught in Wheeling, WV, EDP300 Advanced Educational Psychology, 1992.


Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

2015-2018   Guest Professor, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.

2016            Outstanding Contribution to eLearning, Global TechLearn Congress and Awards 2014, Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India, June 23, 2016.

2015            AECT Division of Distance Education (DDL) Journal Article Award—Quantitative Based, 2015-Second Place, Presented at the 2015 Conference of the Association for Educational Technology and Communications (AECT), Indianapolis, IN.


Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Xiaojing Kou, Shuya Xu, and Feng-Ru Sheu (2015). Understanding the Self-Directed Online Learning Preferences, Goals, Achievements, and Challenges of MIT OpenCourseWare Subscribers. Educational Technology and Society, 18(2), 349-368.


2014            Outstanding Contribution to Education, Global TechLearn Congress and Awards 2014, Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India, November 14, 2014.

2014            Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education Award; presented at the 30th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, August 13, 2014.


2012            IAP (Information Age Publishing) DDL Distance Education Journal Article Award, 2012-First Place for “Advancing Practice,” Presented by the Division of Distance Learning of the Association for Educational Technology and Communications (AECT), Louisville, KY.


Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Nari Kim, & Meng-Fen Grace Lin. (2009). The tensions of transformation in three cross-institutional wikibook projects. The Internet and Higher Education, 12(3-4), 126-135.


2012            IAP (Information Age Publishing) Distance Education Book Award, 2012-Third Place, The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education, Presented by the Division of Distance Learning of the Association for Educational Technology and Communications (AECT), Louisville, KY.

2009            Trustees' Teaching Award, Indiana University, School of Education.

2009            Executive Committee Chair, Advisory Board, E-Learn Conference--The World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education.

2012-2017   Extended term Visiting Professor, University of Glamorgan, Wales (renamed, the University of South Wales in April 2013).

2007-2012   Named Visiting Professor, University of Glamorgan, Wales.

2005            Trustees' Teaching Award, Indiana University, School of Education.

2004            Alumni Achievement Award, University of Wisconsin, School of Education

2003            The Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual in Higher Education Award from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), Washington, DC.

2003-2005        Senior Research Fellow, U. S. Dept. of Defense, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Lab.

2003            Innovative Teaching Award: Teaching in a Distance Education Program.  Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education, The Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System Conference, Ball State University.

2002            CyberStar Award, May 17, 2002, Indiana Information Technology Association (INITA), Indianapolis, IN.

                         Award Winner for: “Educational Contribution to IT in Higher Education.”

This award recognizes an outstanding individual implementing or developing IT educational programs of post-secondary students in Indiana.

2000            Wilbert Hites Mentoring Award, First Recipient, Indiana University.

            1999-2003    Senior Research Fellow, U. S. Army Research Institute

1999                        Burton Gorman Teaching Award in the School of Education, Indiana University.

1999            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1998            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1997            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1992            Zenith Computer Masters of Innovation IV Competition; 1st Place, Category: Literacy. (with Padma Medury, The Future of Tech: Come SAIL Away With Coop Hypermedia)

1989            American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award.

1988-89       Univ. of WI Dissertator Fellow­ship, WARF, University of WI-Madison.

1978-1981   National Dean's List.

1978-1979     International Youth in Achievement.


Other Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

            2016            Certificate of Outstanding Reviewer, The Internet and Higher Education.

2016            RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#69), Recognized among those contributing most substantially to the debate about schools and schooling, Education Week, Rick Hess, January 6, 2016. Available:

Scoring Rubric:


2015            Faculty Associate, Center for International Education, Development and Research (CIEDR).

2015            Routledge “Author of the Month” for Education, June 2015,;

2015            Editors’ Choice Article (, The Internet and Higher Education: Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Nari Kim, & Meng-Fen Grace Lin. (2009). The tensions of transformation in three cross-institutional wikibook projects. The Internet and Higher Education, 12(3-4), 126-135.


2015            2015 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#73), Recognized among those contributing most substantially to the debate about schools and schooling, Education Week, Rick Hess, January 7, 2015. Available:

            2014            Affiliate Faculty Member: Center for Computer-Mediated Communication, IU.

            2014            Affiliate Faculty Member: Southeast Asian Studies Center, Indiana University.

2014            2014 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#86), Recognized among those contributing most substantially to the debate about schools and schooling, Education Week, January 8, 2014. Available: (
(see also, The 2014 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Scoring Rubric, Education Week, Rick Hess, on January 7, 2014.)

2013            Visiting Scholar, November 2013, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

2013            Visiting Scholar, November 2013, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ., Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2013            Visiting Scholar, September 2013, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.

2013            Outstanding Reviewer of 2012, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Emerald Literati Network, Emerald Group Publishing, 2013 Awards for Excellence.

2013            2013 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#123), Recognized among those contributing most substantially to the debate about schools and schooling, Education Week, January 9, 2013. Available: 
(see also, The 2013 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Scoring Rubric, Education Week, Rick Hess, on January 9, 2013.)

2013            Online resources from Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) reviewed and published in MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching;, January 6, 2013, Teacher Educational Editorial Board, Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success, Author: Curtis J. Bonk,

                    Material Detail:;

                    Peer Review:

2012            2012 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#108), Recognized among those contributing most substantially to the debate about schools and schooling, Education Week, January 4, 2012 (see also, RHSU Exclusive: The Five-Tool Policy Scholar, Education Week, Rick Hess, on January 3, 2012.

2012            Nominated, Trustees' Teaching Award, Indiana University, School of Education.

2010            Nominated, Faculty Mentor Award, Graduate & Professional Student Organization, Indiana Univ.

2009            Outstanding Paper Award, Lin, M.-F., Sajjapanroj, S., Bonk, C. J. (2009, June). Wikibooks and Wikibookians: Loosely-Coupled Community or the Future of the Textbook Industry?, Ed Media 2009—World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2008            Sloan-C Effective Practices. Park, Y. J., & Bonk, C. J. Synchronous Teaching and Learning Experiences Mediated by Macromedia Breeze Collaboration Tool and Telephone conference Tool.

2007            Nominated, Faculty Mentor Award, Graduate & Professional Student Organization, Indiana Univ.

2006            Visiting Scholar, September 2006, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

2006            Outstanding Paper Award, Liu, X., Magjuka, R. J., Bonk, C. J., & Lee, S. H. (2006, October). Does sense of community matter? An examination of participants’ perspectives in online courses.  E-Learn 2006-The World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.

            1998-2003  Affiliate Faculty Member: Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center, IU.

2001-2003  Adjunct Professor at the Univ. of Akron as part of a faculty mentoring program.

2001            Visiting Scholar, June 2001; Univ. of Tampere, Hypermedia Lab, Tampere, Finland.

            2001            Army Study Highlights, Applying Collaborative and e-Learning Tools to Military Distance Learning: A Research Framework by C. J. Bonk & Robert A. Wisher (2000), Paper Selected for potential impact upon the Army and the methodology used.

            2000-2001  International Ref. Group Member, Flexible Learning Grant, U of Wollongong

2000            Visiting Scholar, August 2000, Univ. of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

1999            Faculty Affiliate, Cog Science Certificate & Ph.D. Minor in Human Computer Inter.

1999                        First Faculty Fellow, Wisdom Tools, Inc, Bloomington, Indiana

1998            Visiting Scholar, Nov. 1998, Simon Fraser Univ. & Virtual Univ, Vancouver, CN

1997            Visiting Scholar, May 1997; Univ. of Oulu, Finland.

1996-98       Faculty Fellow (for technology research): The Center for Excellence in Educ (CEE).



Named to Lists, Book Featured, and Other Press Received

2012                     “The World Is Open” named to list of “The 50 Best Books of All Time,” Education Week, Vander Ark on Innovation Blog, Tom Vander Ark, August 21, 2012,

2012              Named to list of “10 Fascinating People in Education in 2012,” Blackboard Blogs, Andrea Meier, December 23, 2012,



Professional Interests:

Self-directed online learning, open education, open educational resources, open learning communities, extreme learning or nontraditional/informal learning with technology or distance education; human development and identity in a highly wired world; participatory learning; global/international education, Web 2.0 and emerging learning technologies; Web-based training and teaching; blended learning; online mentoring; interactive learning environments; collaborative learning tools; adult education; problem-based learning; learning in a social context; collaborative writing technologies; alternative instructional strategies; future learning technologies.


Professional Affiliations

   • American Educational Research Association (AERA). SIGs: Instructional Technology; Computer and Internet Applications in Education; Online Teaching and Learning; Informal Learning Environments

   • Assoc. for the Advancement of Computing in Ed (AACE)

   • Assoc. for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)


Social Media: LinkedIn,, Facebook, Twitter, TravelinEdMan blog


Student Dissertation Research and Program Advising:

Completed Dissertations: 89 = 4 at WVU + 84 at IU (21 Chair) + 1 at other universities

Current Dissertations: 10 = 6 as Chair or Director + 4 as Member

Completed Master’s Thesis: 1 = 1 as Chair

Completed Programs of Studies: 57 = 1 at WVU + 56 at IU (17 as Chair/Advisor)

          Current Programs of Studies: 8 = 6 Doc Advisor, 2 as Minor Member


Sample of Recent Research Activity:

1.  Self-Directed Online Learning and Open Education: In a mixed methods design, we are looking at the motivations, successes, challenges and obstacles, and life changes from access to OpenCourseWare (OCW), open educational resources (OER), and massive open online courses (MOOCs).

2.  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Personalization and cultural sensitivity: Researching instructor personalization and cultural sensitivity in a MOOC.

3.  Open Educational Resources (OER): Researched OER use in China and people around the world pushing the open education movement.

4.  Flipping the Classroom: Explored how MOOC content could be used to flip the classroom in China and also looking at the flipped classroom model in Korea.

5.  Informal/Nontraditional/Extreme Learning: Exploring how people learn or teach from informal learning tools and resources. As part of this, I am attempting to record stories of life change and “empowerment moments” wherein people lives were changed due to their use of technology.

6.  Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Blogging in Korea and China: Used social networking analysis to study intellectual and emotional closeness of peers; also explored decentralization, augmented socialization, and the pros and cons of blogging in Asian higher education.

7.  Global K-12 Education Research Project: We are investigating how teachers in diverse contexts are leveraging collaborative technologies to facilitate a global learning environment (e.g., TakingITGlobal (TIG) and Round Square). We are interviewing grade school teachers and educational network administrative members, along with conducting teacher questionnaires. Through these data, we hope to investigate how teachers are facilitating these global connections and what lived experiences have impacted their decision to partake in such global initiatives.

8.  Wikibooks and Wikibooks in K-12, Higher Ed, and Corporate Settings: Explored cross-institutional Wikibook projects; surveyed and interviewed those who have coordinated, edited, or contributed to Wikibooks. Also, looked at how wikis are used in early childhood education; including teacher philosophy and pedagogies, activities, school support, parental involvement, satisfaction, etc.

9.  Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning: Various studies over the past 15 years on the role of the instructor in synchronous and asynchronous learning environments, the depth of discussion, and the types of online moderation and interaction. Providing guidelines for synchronous instruction.

10.                   E-Learning and Blended Learning: Looked at new directions in e-learning and blended learning in both higher education and corporate settings in the UK, USA, China, Taiwan, and Korea via survey research. Explored aspects of the Kelley Direct (KD) online MBA program at IU; includes research on virtual teaming, case-based learning, student and faculty perceptions, instructor roles, technology use, etc.



Technology Used in Teaching and Research:

1. Course Management Systems: WebCT, Blackboard, CourseSites from Blackboard, Oncourse, Sakai, e-education, Virtual University, Nicenet.

2. Synchronous Computer Conferencing Systems: Zoom, Breeze (now Adobe Connect Pro), WebEx, CU-SeeMe, Blackboard Collaborate, Wiz IQ, various others.

3. Asynchronous Computer Conferencing Systems: SiteScape Forum, e-Board, e-groups, Nicenet, COW, WebCrossing, FirstClass, Oncourse.

4. Wikis: Wikispaces, Wikibooks, Wikispaces, PBworks, etc.

5. Online Shared Video Tools and Resources: YouTube, TEDx, TubeChop, etc.



Recent Grant Proposals Not Funded:

2013-2014   IU, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)                            $2,640 (Not Funded)

Title: Essential Guidelines for Flipped Classroom: An Investigation into the

Learner-Centered Instructional Support Strategies.

Authors: Proposal jointly written with Eulho Jung & Minkyoung Kim (Co-PIs)

                                     Agency: Indiana University (IU).


2013-2014   MOOC Research Initiative                                                              $20,000 (Not Funded)

Title: What’s not to Learn? Pedagogical tools to identify and reach out to at-risk students in MOOCs

Authors: Stephanie Panke, Curtis J. Bonk, and Mimi Miyoung Lee (Co-PIs)

                                     Agency: Gates Foundation,


2013-2014   Literacy Courseware Challenge                                                         $24,982 (Not Funded)

Title: Active Literacy Acquisition through Digital Storytelling

Proposal jointly written Curtis J. Bonk, Khendum Gyabak, & Mika Mokko (Co-PIs)

                                     Agency: Gates Foundation

                                     Video Explanation:


2013-2017   Cyberlearning Transforming Education: Development and Imp. $1,349,486 (Not Funded)

Title: ScholarWiki Automated Learning Environment (SWALE):

Machine Learning plus Crowdsourced Human Feedback for Ecologically

Enhanced Instruction.