G411/G511 Sustainable Development Systems

Dr. Tom P. Evans (evans@indiana.edu)
Department of Geography
Meeting time: Wednesday 4:00-6:30pm


Schedule and Topics


Measuring Sustainability

1) United National Division for Sustainability. 2001. Indicators of Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies

2) Kaufmann, R.K., Cleveland, C.J., 1995. Measuring sustainability: needed an interdisciplinary approach to an interdisciplinary concept. Ecological Economics 15, 109–112. (see Oncourse)

3) Parris,T. and Kates, R. (2003) ‘Characterizing and Measuring Sustainable Development’, Annual Review of Environment and Resources 28: 559–86.

4) Zhen, L., Routray, J.K., 2003. Operational indicators for measuring agricultural sustainability in developing countries. Environmental Management 32, 34–46.

Other Resources:

CIESIN - Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) -http://www.ciesin.org/indicators/ESI/