G411/G511 Sustainable Development Systems


Cheating, conduct:

This course will follow the policies described in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.

Late penalty:

All work turned in after the stated due date will be subject to late penalties. Exceptions include those relating to the IU policy on religous observances. Exceptions beyond this policy will be granted in only the most extreme cases (e.g. death in family).

Class attendance:

Class attendance is expected. If a student misses a class, it is that student's responsibility to make up the work or get class notes. This course follows the IU policy on relgious observances. Please see this page. You are not required to prove attendance at religous services or events to obtain an accomodation for religous observance. You are requested to provide indication of such any accomdation requests in accordance with this policy early in the semester.


Per IU policy, incompletes will be granted in only the most exceptional of circumstances. Examples include a death in the family or major illness that keeps you out of the classroom for a significant period of time. Getting behind in the class due to other obligations outside the classroom (other classes, job) doesn't warrant granting an incomplete under IU policy.