The Polly Lab

We study vertebrate paleontology with a focus on how earth history, especially changing climates and geographies, has affected vertebrate evolution and community composition. Our work includes trait-based studies of community responses to environmental change, geometric morphometric analysis of evolution and morphology, phylogenetics, biogeography, and speciation. Our studies synthesize data from regional and continental geographic scales and across historical, Quaternary, and Cenozoic time scales. We are part of the Geobiology Group of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana Univesrity.

Palaeontologia ElectronicaPalaeontologia Electronica, an electronic journal of paleontological research, is now in its eighteenth year.

Model of changes in adaptive peak shape and selection gradiants associated with changes in the trade-off between turtle shell strength and hydrodynamics (from Polly et al., 2016).

3D prints of shells generated from David Raup's theoretical shell coiling equations.

Opening of Titanoboa exhibit in Grand Central StationOpening of Titanoboa exhibit in New York's Grand Central Station, 2012.
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  • Blaire Hensley-Marschand and Michael R. Smith both successfully defended their PhDs in May 2017.
  • Ph.D. student Allison Bormet presented at the 2016 PaleoFest, the first scientific paleontology conference ever at which all speakers were women.
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